Hana Dreiling

Holey Grail Donuts
2441 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA, USA

Hana Dreiling, founder & CBO of Holey Grail Donuts is a chef, designer, and creative entrepreneur on a mission to change the way you think about donuts. An obsession with brands that have re-imagined nostalgic food categories and reverse engineered them in a way that is sustainable, ingredient focused, yet somehow unrivaled in taste led her on a pilgrimage to find the Holey Grail of donuts. A passionate food enthusiast from the start, Hana has immersed herself in many different facets of the food industry from working at a Waffle House, to food photographer, food stylist, product designer, tropical fruit farmer, celebrity private chef, to co-founder / CBO of Holey Grail.